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SEO (Local, Regional, National)

We have the tools to help our clients reach the top positions for search terms related to their business in search engines and achieve the visibility they need.

Local SEO & Maps

We help optimize a business’s localized services like Google my Business.  We will create and maintain your business listing across a network of directories, and data aggregators.

eCommerce SEO

We focus on helping online stores optimize their inventory and shopping software to appeal to search engines and online services  increased  traffic , sales, conversion and online visibility.

Video SEO

The power of video for conversion and driving traffic is well documented and only going to grow.  We use video marketing to simplify messaging and capture your business culture.

Mobile & Voice SEO

Achieving visibility for  products and services being searched from a mobile device requires a different set of optimization techniques. We have an in-depth understanding of how mobile search and optimization works.

Getting great visibility is hard work, but we have the tools and the expertise to get you there.

Keyword Research

We utilize a wide variety of keyword tools to make sure you are focusing on the right keywords for your business, helping you focus on what is a good investment and what is not.

Advanced Rank Tracking

We provide a convenient way to monitor Organic, Local Park and Map rankings in target search engines, match keywords to landing pages, and easily track progress made over time.

Technical Site Audit

Our tools scan for technical and SEO problems on your site, like poor redirects, broken links, validation and crawlability issues.

Competition Analysis

We research your competitors’ keywords, rankings, backlinks, and content strategy to develop a effective strategy for your site.

Content & HTML Optimization

We audit page structure and key SEO Metrix  on top-ranking competitors for the search terms key to your business.

In Depth Competitor Analysis

Advanced Backlink Development Tools

Google - Yahoo - Bing: Advanced Ranking Tracker

Columbia Organic SEO 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a way to help your business organically rise in ranks on a search engine results page for relevant industry keywords you wish to target. This will lead to your business being seen by a larger group of searchers, increasing potential customers. With the right SEO work coupled with regular updates and relevant posts, you can expand your visibility to a much wider base of prospects, giving you the precious opportunity to attract and convert them. 

The majority of website traffic is organic search results, which will lead to a dramatic increase in relevant website traffic over time. There are many marketing tactics that will provide results, but they are very short-lived. Meanwhile, SEO results will provide better returns on the SEO cost over time. With the increased website visits you will get through SEO, you will have a better understanding of your customers and what brings them to your site.

Columbia Local Search Optimization

For local businesses, the majority of potential consumers will use Google to find businesses near them. Studies have shown that 80% of searches with “local intent” result in a conversation. Furthermore, the best way to catch the attention of local searchers is through Google Maps marketing.

Columbia Google My Business Optimization?

Google my Business is an easy-to-use and free tool provided by Google to provide concise information about your business to Google searchers. This information includes, but is not limited to, your business name, hours, phone number, website, and description. Google’s local algorithm analyzes and ranks listings based on proximity, prominence, and relevance.

The Importance of Google Maps & Voice Search

According to Google, 83% of U.S. people who visit a store said they used online search before going in. This shows the importance of having a high rank in Google Maps, increasing your brand’s online visibility. When using Google Maps marketing, you are taking full advantage of your brand’s online presence in Google Maps. This can be achieved through the use of your Google My Business profile.

One of the most useful aspects is the reviews section. This is a great way for your business to raise your credibility and improve the customer experience. Not only are the customer reviews and ratings important, but the business’s response to the reviews is equally or more important to many customers. Google then analyzes many aspects of these reviews when considering ranking. Another crucial ranking factor in Google’s algorithm is links. Building local links is especially important with Google Map ranking. The best method is to begin with a business that you already have developed a relationship with and offer to write a testimonial in exchange for a link. Consider niches that offer services that complement your business, but are not competitors and then explore how you can incorporate these companies into your content outreach.

We have helped hundreds of Columbia SC businesses of every size and type reach their web design and visibility goals. Let us help yours!


SEO for Columbia  Startups

Starting a small business is hard and having the right guidance can really impact the trajectory of your business. Though your success is up to you, it is wise to have a website design /marketing partner to navigate the ever-changing online and social world.

Service Industry

Those in the service industry often fall into the trap of using their "fixer" mentality to use a do-it-yourself builder to make their web design. The problem is that even if they manage to make an adequate website design, they will find themselves spending way too much time staying proficient. The key to success is finding what you do well and letting others bless you with what they do well.

Restaurant Website Design

The online competitive environment for restaurant websites is strong. Food visuals need to entice and menus need to be easy to navigate and to find what you want. From online ordering to delivery apps, Visibility Web Design can help your customers love what you do.

Retail Web Design

Whether it's an eBook, an online boutique or a large retail store with thousands of SKUs, Visibility Web Design can find you the right platform for smooth operation with the ability to scale. Our production team can shoot your products and videos. Website Design Services with push notifications to promote conversions.

College Website Design

From school websites to small college websites, we are able to create the marketing and instructional experience your school needs.  We provide web design features for Capital Campaigns, Calendering, and Registration.

Seo for eCommerce

WooCommerce plugs into the world's most popular content management system, WordPress, giving you an easy way to manage your entire site all in one place. Whether you're a startup or you run a massive eCommerce operation, a WooCommerce is a great solution for your business.

Real Estate Websites

Your Real Estate Website Should Drive Your Marketing Efforts.  We Use a Combination of Forms, Widgets, and IDX Tools to bring lead capture capabilities into your business. Our website designs provide social sharing so you can keep those sales funnels flowing.

Government / Not For Profit

Visibility Web Design captures your organization’s brand and passion, to ensure your brand is effectively and consistently communicated. Visibility Web Design uses the correct message, tone, mood, color, and style to effectively communicate your brand and champion your cause.

ADA Compliance

Do you need help getting your websites into compliance with the ever-changing website design accessibility requirements?

Photography.  Videography. Drone.

Your website design needs to be professional-looking and convincing. High-quality photos and videos go a long way toward enhancing the impact of your online presence.

Mobile App Development

Mobile Apps allow your customers to interact with your business through the tools native to their android or apple devices. The Apps provide features such as push notification, local data storage, personalization, offline availability and faster load times.

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